Profiling a Ndialaschizo

You probably know one already. A serial schizo, that is. The ideas hit me and I write them down. Quite confusing actually...seems like I really have no bash this today and praise it tomorrow. All in the day and times of a serial schizo.

The days will sometimes jazz yours; they may sometimes rub yours the wrong way. It's the dynamism of opinion, the controversy of our individuality that spins the world other words, it's never that serious :)

Outgoing, Party Beast, Like mysteries, Love to argue n hate to lose. I may need an official medical opinion, but am certain I have lost my mind. I love Philosophy, it rhymes with controversy, and that's what am all about.

Am vain. Very. Very. Vain. All those who kinda know me can tell you that much.

Those who actually know me know I can be very likeable. Until you try bashing The Arsenal. Then all bets are off!