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Looking for a Memorable Holiday this Festive Season?

The Kenyan Coast is divided into five major regions: the city of Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, North and South Coast. Each of this has its own unique features and tourist attractions ideal for a Kenyan safari

Lamu is Kenya’s answer to the French Riviera, with activities like dhow rides from Lamu town to Manda Island and Pier Jumping. It is full of real gems, but only if you know what you're looking for.

Malindi was founded by the Arabs in the early 13th Century, with Vasco Da Gama being the first European visitor to set foot here, thus he erected his pillar to show his appreciation for the welcome he received. With its strong continental influences, you will be forgiven to think you are in a little piece of Europe.

Kiwayu Island gives a real meaning of privacy as it is an uninhibited island, making you feel as if you own a kind of paradise.  There is no sight of beach boys, stone buildings, or even cars. Only a few local fishing crafts and sailing dhows. There is plenty to do on the island: sand yachting, snorkeling and dhow cruises; you could experience some local culture, arts and crafts at the nearby village. You could also just sunbathe on the beach or chill out in the elegant camp. 

South Coast (Diani): With Kenya’s warm waters which make it the perfect place for diving, and a host of dive centers to choose from, you are spoilt for choice; wreck diving: the wrecks act as artificial reefs that attract an incredible proliferation of sea life, with an air of mystery and surprise as you may never know what is going to float out of the bulkhead or pothole. An underwater dive at Galu provides plenty of opportunities for amazing underwater photos. Located near Kisite Marine Park, Pilli-pipa offers snorkeling and diving activities, with 10 dive sites in the area.

Kipwepwe Island, located a few kilometers from Watamu provides an all aspect view of Island life, from coconut-tree climbing to fishing.

The Kenyan coast provides perfect weather and the most varied fish species from the banks of Lamu, Manda, Malindi, Watamu and Mtwapa thus making it an adventurous experience for tourists who want to try their hand at sport fishing. It would also be lovely to have a honeymoon safari in Kenya.

Near the coast is the Tsavo National Park, a great spectacle for any wildlife lover. The park is most famous because of the man eaters of Tsavo, which were two maneless male lions which terrorized the laborers who built the Kenya-Uganda railway.
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