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On  21st June 2012, I attended the Acumen East African Fellows Innovation conference  at a Nairobi hotel. The event happened on day Kenyans woke up to the shocking news that our members of parliament had amended the constitution illegally. The amendments were made to favour the selfish interest of current members of parliament and goes against the spirit of the constitution .In progressive societies laws are amended to favour the citizenry not a few bloated egos.

At the Acumen East African Fellows event Kenya Wildlife services Director Mr Julius Kipngetich spoke on leadership. Mr Kipngetich is a man who has reformed KWS and we can all attest to that. He has transformed KWS. He is one of the few parastatal heads who do their work. All others do is ‘eat’. Mr Kipngetich presentation got me thinking after he gave examples of some countries. Singapore is approximately 824 times smaller than Kenya and it is doing MUCH better than Kenya mainly because of bad leadership. Democratic Republic of Congo, which is endowed with all types of mineral resources is dirt poor because of incompetent leadership. Singapore had GDP $208.77 billion in 2010 compared to $31.41 billion of Kenya in the same year and $11.9 billion in Congo.  The GDP of the mentioned countries in 2011 and the years to follow will attest that it is leadership that makes or breaks an organisation… a country.

Back home, as a citizen, ARE YOU satisfied with the direction our ‘leaders’ are steering our nation? Are we headed in the direction which will ensure all is well for us and the generations that will follow? I am not happy and there is no way we will get to the Promised Land as Kenya if those leading us are headed nowhere. Our members of parliaments are self centered and they have made themselves a priority in every decision they make in parliament.  This coming election we must get the right people for the job. Servant Leader who will strive to improve the lives of ordinary citizens and that of our children and generations  to come comfortable.

On 28th June 2012, I join Boniface Mwangi, his family, the Kenya Ni Kwetu team and other Kenyans for a PEACEFUL PROCESSION to parliament grounds.  Check out the facebook event page and twitter handle for more details. The police and other relevant authorities have been duly informed of the procession and have no objections.

I hope you will join me in securing the future of our kids. It’s the beginning of a journey of making this country a better than nation where leaders serve the people who elect them to power. You can support the cause in cash (Mpesa 0716956552) or in kind to help make the procession successful. Kenya Ni Kwetu is raising funds to buy flags, print placards and t-shirts to be distributed at the event. All funds will be accounted for and as of 25th June 5pm. So far, Ksh 8,000/- had been raised.

We must walk the talk. See you on Thursday fellow patriots.  Kenya Ni Kwetu!

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