Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Diss Missive: A Rebuke of Dance Masquerades in #Kenya

 ~ by Anon E., Mass of Wandrous Wonder.

My immediate reaction, upon receiving a response from my good friend Anon E., to my publishing her thoughts recently, were:

"Chicca has a brilliant mind; but does she know that?"

When I told her this, she responded ever so, erm, shall we call it subtly proud? 

"Brilliant mind - so I've been told. I choose to NEVER compliment myself. Especially after too many people have been telling me about my big dendai."

Then she proceeded to make my morning. As I hope she may yours:

The Diss Missive

Hey Freddy,

This is one of those moments where I'm sending an e-mail using my
phone, crossing my fingers, hoping it'll go through.

Random thought this evening - it's been ages since I danced. 

public, with other people, up there, on a dance floor.

Only problem is, I DON'T miss that type of dancing that takes place on
Kenyan floors. 

You know, coitus erectus - damn; that pun.

I miss the 'innocent' dance moves where little touch was required;

 like the dance-offs, amongst Michael Jackson aficionados. 

Plus the
tension accompanied by the transition from upbeat to mellow; 

summons to the slow dance.

Now it's all bump-and-grind; come-hither then cum at your-place-or-mine.

Art by l'Artista Kenita

As a
courtship ritual it's too easy; just as are the subsequent hook-ups. 

too plain... too;

I miss the intricacies of the dance, the kind that starts first;

 with a
meeting of the eyes. 

Then a mutual appreciation of a beat, leading to
a set of gyrations 

whose dialectics portray the individuality of the
persons involved. 

Unlike now where the dance floor is nothing more
than a place for the id to let loose.

...okay I can't seem to find an appropriate ending to this set of
words. Probably because it's past 10 pm, and my body is wired to shut
down after this hour.

Over and out!

Anon E. Mass of Wandrous Wonder.

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