Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lost in a Name || by @asalisali

He called me That name,

Which he conjured up in his wet dream.
It slithered from his lips and lashed my back,
till my flesh gave way and in my bones
Saw what he always longs to see; Himself.

He called me That name.

Which his forefathers bestowed on his mother,
and her mother before that.
Her ring which I now wear, ties me everyday to his name.
The name which falls from his tongue and anchors me to this dry,
unimaginative place.

He calls me His name.

It scatters all my colours and I am left in grey,
Where anything goes and I am nothing.
That 'badge of pride' I am told to wear religiously,
binds itself to my backbone like a Succubus.

When he calls me His name,

it precedes my speech and translates my language,
before I can introduce myself.
They hear him before they see me.
Sadly he manifests in my fading grace,
every time I am called.

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