Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Love: Accidentally Tragic

Fred Wambugu Maina ©. All rights reserved

The Awakening
Sunrise at the beach, peace seeks war
Battlefront, ravaging calm; wave in, out
All the drama, all the pain; stolen
Bottled and corked; high tide washes away

Sands crushed, spreadeagled; defeated by high seas
Distant lights, into the warm azures fading
Her soul sounds, boat and craft bobbin merrily past
In her heart mo' meets 'jo, Oh! what a noise

Lil' birds call Mr. Morn'; he turns, stretches
Yawns and wipes the stars away; meanwhile McAngelo
Flushes colour anew, 'cross the somber heavens
Impinging the skies, takes liberties with his brush

Chinese junks cross the Dutchman's airway; white, woolen
Setting sail with the water's blues; crunch, splash
Geometry in clockwork; the sun peeps ahoy!
Beach dumped by Ocean; runners rush in for the rebound

Cliffs like monster sea cruises, jutting off the beach
Casting shadows o'er the dark of memories past
They stand hand in hand, wide-eyed, to watch the great beast
His scaffold unfolds, scalar beauty in creation
He watches from a distance, a peeping Tan
Smiling to himself, such perfect awe, uncontained
Kodak in hand, waiting for that frozen moment
Quite a feeling, as they smile gracefully at him

They look back, unwitting to his stare,
Assume that they're alone, lost in their world
A single moment, magnified into thousands
He grins an inch wider, they cover their eyes

The sulphur, he thinks; am burning too bright
Damn! his smile fades, cooling their systems
They gaze into each others' minds, he leans forth
Remembers the fumes of heat, indisposed to care

For this is the moment, her face lit up exquisite
Indissolubly linked, really seeing each other
Lights, camera...and time changes; still, robbed
They can persevere, the sun tells himself; click!

The Exorcism
He leans in, she locks her eyes
Their lips lock,he reaches behind
Feels her lips curl into a smile
Unwitting; he's taking his ring off!

Exceptional yes, mind-blowing ain't
Oh, what husks the heart doesn't see
His lazy eyelids meet, lashes brush up
O'er her eyes the flesh-patch flutters

Flawless bliss; colourfast, she thinks
Her face flavours, his mind counters:
Fatally flawed, tongue-in-cheek fling
This ain't about emotions: his hand adds

Flood tides engulf her, enhanced
Flames flare up; engrossing, mutual
Yet for different reasons, granted, he's a dick
Thoughts so varied, enigmatic

Dilemma, her heartbreak impending; reality
His guilt unabashed, all for a serpent's kiss
And a series of actions, of decisions made
Of sacrifice, hers; tears meant for him

Vibrantly glorifies him, blindly appreciates her
Mind choking in a dead halo's vice; overrated
Intricate connection; clueless, stuck in the middle
Little moral basis, less legal foundation; depraved

The 'Depart'ation
Youthful indiscretions, indeterminate rage; shipwreck
Ingratiating side-glances,indignant retorts; anyone home?
Indiscernible looks, in-grained cliches, paperback love
Wars of attrition, tears of frustration; time of death:...

Tears caught dead in the spotlight; roadkilled,corrupted
Weeping auld lang syne all alone; irony, under the mistletoe
She gave it to him; he, only too happy to break it, crushed
Slipped it back under her door while she wasn't looking

Veritable necrosis of love, tissue; discomfiture
Feelings ground, senses a pulp, lost in a blender
She doubles up, her heart can't take this cover up
An inglorious chapter in her making, ends. Chop-chop

To hold through when it hurts, she coos
To end it before it's too late, he boos
Her heart his hands' guest; if only so unwelcome
Away, ever so; a single gest, to ne'er look back

Cursory heart-rest breached, panic button wrecked
Love tangelo drained; no more magic, not even a wand
Twas merely an extended body search; no room for affect
Clouding bubble bursts, no rainbows; not in her universe

Say goodbye, to the world you thought you lived in
Deftly carved out, chopped up, served to the lycans
Make it go away; tired of living, a peculiar sorrow
The knife whispers softly in her ear; parseltongue

I can, I will...'Let me'...Won't leave you alone
Desperate, she yields; parselmouth smiles, finally
Licensed to dig in; he illustrates, silver sliver
Drip drip, drip drip...and into blissful oblivion
Don't you get you in her paws, expecting departure unscathed; nay
She leaves, she always does; the bereaved torn up as she does
She is no fillet; chew her up slow, lest she stick to your throat
Love; gotta love her irony, such a mediocre lover she will be

An inscription I once read:
Ways I will have my Heart broken Destroyed!Crushed Shattered like a light bulb under the feet of mischievous children
Carved up to be dipped into a pool of wasabi and soy sauce
Wrung out of every last drop like a dump cloth
Grated like cheese, heart cheese

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