Sunday, May 20, 2012

You Should Know People: @TheCreativez people; Wealth Creating People

I started off as a Poet. Trapped in the closet, yes, but a poet nonetheless. I'd write my poetry and store it safely in a zipped folder, password-protected and all. Ok, that's a lie. My first poem was actually pre-internet colonies. So replaced zipped folder with bound, cellotaped, gagged and hidden in the most nondesript region of my blue metallic Army box in Primary School. Then replace password protected with big ass padlock.

Back to almost serious stuff, however, that's how guarded I was about my writing. Until the 'Facebook Note' came about. I wrote there, thinking 'Only family will get to read it...' Till The Zuckerberg gave me a rude shock, which I later gathered was quaintly hidden in fine print in the Privacy Settings. Public, apparently, meant worldwide. Enter the rudest shock when some 'person-of-out'side Kenya commented on one of my notes.

That's where it all began. Suddenly I was receiving comments, mostly the you-need-to-start-a-blog kind; and the random 'WTF-is-this-mushy-crap' ilk. My friends and 'fans', in a manner of speaking, however, are the most ego-soothing people I know. Which is why despite my partiality to Twitter, I actively retain a presence on Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberg:

My Facebook profile is still no real point in blacking out names

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