Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Desiderata Terracotta

Colour me black;
that the shade you cast on me clearly be seen

Paint me a dark coat;
for this charade of a love-wall has long not been

Shackle your memory;
to the mad hut of muddy muck we care not see

Raze it, down lanes of indistinction;
leaving nothingness when all else flee

Sever our sanguine femoral [2];
undertake this ship beyond far flung sea

Shovel up the sands of time;
such reckless buckets of hollow glee

Leaving me out in the rain;
a precipitation wrought with tears

You gave my sense such pain;
vivid paranoia brought on by fears

Vexed every bit of creative text;
livid bay, my art transformed to constant jeers

Checked to break my heart next;
exhibit (a), made my head jump to contusions

Lust for thought that, dearest ex;
for all I want is but simple conclusions

All I need is but to be free;
free of your knee perched in my fork

[1] Desiderata Terracotta
Desiderata basically means 'desired things', while terracotta could be intended to mean 'earthly'.

[2] Femoral [Artery]  
A generic term referring to a few large arteries in the thigh, which if severed can lead to a quick death.


  1. When's NKT! going to make it as a reaction?

  2. As soon as Kate decides to let us know what she's going on about :) Nktutho :D


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