Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kenya 28 Feb - A Revolution?

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KenyaFeb28 is not about asking tweeple to display their chest-thumping, smarter-than-the-next-guy-swag, as is displayed on their witty tweets and great blogs. All your being asked is to unite with Kenyans of all backgrounds, sing your anthem and remind your leaders that as one people, we are the force to reckon with, not them. Or are we too comfortable with our well off backgrounds and our middle class living? Do we have to be subjected to the poverty that the “guys in Kibera , Mathare, Kawangware etc” we assume experience, to rise up and make a difference? And is that how we will always think of these ‘slum’ dwellers- as the perfect protesters, who we will send to the front lines against the dreaded GSU while we happily sit at home and tweet away about how one of them just got shot by a “stray” bullet as we have been so faithful to tweet and twit pic on the events in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and now Libya.


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