Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why did Kuku Pono cross the road? Remixed and Reloaded by Bursar wa Bazaar

Am sure you've read one version before. The question remains unchanged; 'Why did the Chicken cross the road?' Let's see what BB has to present on this...

If you take this too serious, then you really need some church
Michael Ranneberger: To run away from the damning evidence of its infidelity exposed by the wiki leaks.

Louis Moreno Ocampo: The chicken was running away from the six main perpetrators of post election violence.

Hosni Mubarak: The chicken was incited though Facebook and Twitter. We must therefore shut the internet countrywide if we do not want more chicken to cross the road.

PLO Lumumba: The Gallus domesticus gallivanted across the road in a motion that is reminiscent of the undulating perambulations of an inebriated pachyderm and we must investigate it.

Alfred Mutua: No, The chicken did not cross the road. We don’t even have a chicken in the first place and even if we had a chicken, our able traffic police officers would have prevented it from crossing the road.

Kenneth Marende: As many as are of the opinion that the chicken crossed the road say aye! As many as are of contrary opinion say Nay.The ayes have it!
David Rudisha: Hiyo chicken ilikuwa inataka kuonyesha sisi fiatu fyake finafyong’ara ambafyo ilikuwa imefaa.

Jeff Koinange: What a Chicken, What a road! You cannot find such kind of chicken crossing the road apart from K24 where we have all chicken, crossing the road!.

Anyang’ Nyong’o: After this, my chicken will cross the road and join me at the Serena. I will spend 2000 shillings, to feed my chicken at the Serena. That is an amount of money that Atwoli is not ready to part with, so that his chicken can cross the road and eat food at the Serena

Bonny Khalwale: Oh the Chicken crossed the road, oh, its mother knew, oh the chicken crossed, oh, the cock knew, oh.. oh... oh, to stop the chicken from crossing the road, Kimunya must Go!

Kajwang': The chicken chickened out and crossed the road when I started singing Mapambano

Francis Atwoli:  Yes, Yes, Yes,Yes I told the Minister that all the workers in the country will boycott work if the chicken is not allowed to cross the road. Mshenzi yeye!!!

Kalonzo Musyoka: Wiper!! Wiper!! The chicken had been drenched by the rain and crossed the road in search of a wiper. Wiper!! Wiper!! In fact ilipitia kati kati ya gari mbili. Wiper!! Wiper!!

Raila Odinga: The National accord says that the chicken shall be allowed to cross the road by the president in consultation with the prime minister. I was not consulted before the chicken was allowed to cross the road. This is a constitutional violation and we are going to court to contest that passage of the road

Mwai Kibaki: Na hiyo kuku ilipita pale pale, na ilikuwa ikiregarega huku na huku. Na hiyo kuku ilikuwa inasumbuliwa na mafi ya kuku and that is why it crossed the road to look for a toilet!!

MUTUTHO: As long as the chicken remained on one side of the road, there would have been no liquor rules on the other. So they had to cross the road!

BISHOP WANJIRU: The chicken crossed the road because the glory of Lorda was on the other side.

ODIENGE: The SGC had decided that the chicken must cross the road

Yule Mbois Mnidalala: Hujawai cheki kuku pono wewe? Si inakuwanga imespreadiwa miguu? Saa si ilidecide kucross coz enyewe inajua ikipatkana ni kundialala! Haitawahi cross miguu tena!

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