Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fortress of Solitude - Ode to a Killer Butt

Am looking at you

You're staring right back
Blowing smoke in my face
Strange how it all began

One moment I'd never touch you
The next, you were all up in me
Rushing blood to my head
Strange relations we developed

Am talking to you
You stare back in silence
You were always dumb like that
Strange how he's looking at us

I think he wants some of you
I wouldn't mind sharing though
Here boss, let's spread the fun
Stranger things have happened

I should dump you right now
I know how you plan to hurt me
Yet I place you between my lips
Strange how you make me feel
Am I going crazy?
Yielding to such destructive bliss?
Defying the very basics of my own logic? actually losing it

Who else talks to a cigarette?
Things we do for lust
Need a new passtime
Strange...gimme another kiss sweetie

Curious thing, this little puff.

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