Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art by @Kkenita, with @LlcAfrica: Paint my Love

No this is no MLTR...that's Michael Learns To Rock, a band that fused initiative with art back in the 90s and had the hit single Paint My Love, part of the inspiration for the heading.

In other more relevant news, however, I recently went for an event. A Windhoek branded night at Tree House

It was a brilliant event, as you might see below.

Miss USA-Kenya Angela Muiruri with organizers Festus Wambi and Gladys Macharia of Luxury Lifestyle Curators [LLC]
As part guest part promoter for the event, I also got the hat you see above. Though technically that's a non-issue: all the guests got the hats. What I am more impressed with is the fact that a woman I love took the hat from me, last Sunday, and by last week Friday, came up with this painting, with the hat incorporated into it...
The Hat was Her Canvas

If you find yourself as impressed as I was, and still am, check out more of her art at Kkenita's Sketchpad. Am taking orders by the way, so halla if you want a painting done. Am on twitter (@french_freddy)

The artist, Kenita, is also on twitter as @kkenita

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