Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tomorrow... by Princess Poker

a Guest post from a lovely lady I'm privileged to know

When i look ahead,
i can only see the limits between me and the sea,
Some hopes fade,
some beliefs melt away; my night meets my day,
And the sun
cries together with the moon,

My flowers in bloom bow to the unknown,
and i expect what my heart can't predict or see,

The future veiled, the past transgressed,
transfixed i am when i realize, that i don't know my own name,
My identity,
the wind will bring when the humming birds sing,
My hands, tied,
don't breathe anymore,

My blind eyes are still looking
for the promises that only a helpful soul or a forgetful mind can give,
My body...oh, my tormented body wants
...needs to live,

My fate belongs to the stars,
bruised hands touch my tender scars,
Something in me cries, something in me dies,
And tomorrow is more than just another day,

Tomorrow is a new opportunity
to say what makes me tongue-tied,
Tomorrow is all i have to awaken infinity...

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  1. Princess Poker. The simplicity of depth in these words expresses such a quiet loudness that I quite frankly rank it in my top 10 list of literary voices. Keep doing your thing dear. Splendid piece of writing.


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